Mark Free – Long Way From Love (1993 – Full Album)

1.Someday You’ll Come Running – 0:03
2.Stranger Among Us – 4:21
3.Coming Back For More – 9:27
4.The Last Time – 14:05
5.Hard Heart to Break – 18:48
6.High Life – 23:07
7.State of Love – 27:56
8.Slow Down the Night – 31:51
9.Look Love in the Eyes – 36:27
10.Never Be a Next Time – 41:11
11.Long Way From Love – 45:34

I actually posted this one on my blog before I listened to the whole album. I never heard of this guy but fell in love with his voice 2 songs into the album. Dude, this guy can sing!!… and this is another one of those old out of print cd’s that is hard to find and expensive if you do find it. I’m glad I took a chance on clicking the link to this one on YouTube. Great songs, and great rock music from the early 90’s.


Danger Danger – Danger Danger (1989 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Naughty Naughty
04:50 – Under The Gun
09:30 – Saturday Nite
13:47 – Don’t Walk Away
18:43 – Bang Bang
22:40 – Rock America
27:35 – Boys Will Be Boys
32:34 – One Step From Paradise
37:21 – Feels Like Love
42:13 – Turn It On
45:54 – Live It Up

Another new album discovery for me. I really enjoyed this old 80’s rock album. Man listen to the lead singer go!

Stabilizers – Tyranny (1986 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Tyranny
04:30 – (If I) Found Rome
09:11 – I Don’t Need The Pain
13:16 – Now I Hear You
17:22 – One Simple Thing
21:33 – Underground
26:20 – Does Your Love Lie Open?
30:53 – A Place To Hide
34:36 – You Pull Me Down

Wikipedia Resources:

The Stabilizers

Tyranny – Stabilizers Album

I miss the sounds of the 80’s and I had never heard this album until today. I was 16 years old when this album was released. Listening to this brought back memories of sounds I love to hear. There are a lot of good songs on this album. I didn’t even skip a track. I considered buying this one, but it costs way too much on Amazon now. I hate when distributors sell out of print records for outrageous prices… and then record companies wonder why people turn to bittorent.

I didn’t really get much work done on a beanie I’m working on right now while I was listening to this album due to that I was spending my time putting this blog together 🙂