Depeche Mode – The Best Of Volume 1 – 2006

01. [0:00:00] Personal Jesus (1989)
02. [0:03:47] Just Can’t Get Enough (1981)
03. [0:07:31] Everything Counts (1983)
04. [0:11:32] Enjoy the Silence (1990)
05. [0:15:50] Shake the Disease (1985)
06. [0:20:41] See You (1982)
07. [0:24:39] It’s No Good (1997)
08. [0:30:38] Strangelove (1987)
09. [0:34:24] Suffer Well (2005)
10. [0:38:17] Dream on (2001)
11. [0:42:09] People Are People (1984)
12. [0:45:47] Martyr (2006)
13. [0:49:13] Walking in My Shoes (1993)
14. [0:54:13] I Feel You (1993)
15. [0:58:49] Precious (2005)
16. [1:02:58] Master and Servant (1984)
17. [1:06:58] New Life (1981)
18. [1:10:44] Never Let Me Down Again (1987)

If anyone were to ask me out of all the differen’t types of music I like listening to what my favorite artist/group is. I would say Depeche Mode. I fell in love with them in 1984 and loved them ever since.


Men’s Olive Green Lumberjack Beanie

Olive Green Lumberjack Beanie

This is my latest completed new item. It is my Lumberjack Beanie in dark olive green. It is a loom knit men’s adult size beanie with a double thick brim and slightly slouchy style made with 100% soft acrylic easy care yarn. It is available at sale price of only $15.00 + shipping (normally $24.00). I only have one in stock currently. I’ll be adding more colors as time permits. Click here to get this item in my etsy shop now before someone else does.

Hello World!!

Hello world!! My name is David from the online hat shop called The Hat Pit, a place where I sell my hand knit and crocheted beanies. I decided to start a new blog today focused on sharing music I discover and listen to on YouTube when I am making my beanies. I recently discovered that there are hundreds of full music albums uploaded on YouTube that you can listen to for free…. and many of them are out of print selections you can’t buy any more, or are very hard to find. I’ve discovered this is a great and fun way to discover new music while having something to listen to while I’m creating new beanies for my hat shop, and blogging about it helps me keep track of music I like and want to buy for my own personal music collection and also serves as a place for me to help get the word out about my work so that I can sell those hats.

So this blog will focus on two things mainly. (1.) Music you can listen to via YouTube. (2.) Updates on new beanies I’m selling at The Hat Pit or in my Etsy Beanie Shop.

I’m also working on a photo book I plan to sell at some time in the future so I’ll be adding some content later on linking this blog to another blog I maintain related to that… and I may also create some periodic posts with links to random stuff I find on the internet that may be interesting for you.

So thank you for visiting my first post on this blog. I hope you will subscribe/follow, leave comments, share posts, etc. 🙂