Device – 22B3 (1986 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Hanging On A Heart Attack
05:08 – Who Says
09:59 – Pieces On The Ground
15:55 – Tough And Tender
20:50 – When Love Is Good
25:36 – Didn’t I Read You Right
30:11 – Fall Apart, Golden Heart
34:39 – I’ve Got No Room For Your Love
39:39 – Who’s On The Line
45:37 – Sand, Stone, Cobwebs And Dust

Another new music discovery for me today. I don’t think I ever heard of this group but this album had a few songs on it I liked, but I liked the whole album for the 80’s sounds. You all should know before this blog gets too far underway that I like I lot of 80’s music since it is what I grew up on, so expect to see a lot of it blogged here 🙂