The Fourth Civilization


I’m starting a new (unintended) blog category (Books I’ve Read) with this post. I wanted to share my latest book read, and since I don’t have an official blog for this subject, I decided to share it here for now, and plans are to start a separate blog just for my book readings at some other time…. or maybe I’ll just turn this blog into a “books & music” blog… who knows….. when you have someone who is as indecisive as I am…., well you never know what to expect lol.

I read ebooks on Kindle and this is the latest book I’ve read that I just finished today. This book is called The Fourth Civilization and it’s a pretty decent space exploration / war between alien races type book. The story is pretty interesting and has a lot of originality I think and I enjoyed it, although the kindle formatting in it seemed a little off to me. You can read the review below that I wrote on Amazon about it…

MY KINDLE REVIEW – – – I had to give a low rating (2 stars) due to that this ebook has a nerve racking formatting issue in that the margins are not justified correctly. There is a wide margin on the left which makes it annoying to read. This formatting issue was seen on my Galaxy Note 2 android phone in the Kindle app, my Galaxy Tablet in the Kindle app, on my Kindle Keyboard, and on my new Kindle Paperwhite that I finished reading this book on that I just bought two days before this review… so this issue is not a device or app issue. It is a format issue with the ebook file itself. Still I pushed through the book to finish. The story was interesting, though I found myself lost along the way at times, but I think that’s more of my own personal issue of not paying attention maybe, so is not the authors fault. I enjoyed the book more toward the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys space stories but the format issue needs to be fixed so the book can be more enjoyable to read.

View/buy the book on Amazon here —-> The Fourth Civilization (Legacy)

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The Babys – Union Jacks (1980 – Full Album)

00:00 – Back On My Feet Again
03:18 – True Love True Confession
07:25 – Midnight Rendezvous [film: Up The Academy 1980]
11:01 – Union Jack
16:43 – In Your Eyes
20:49 – Anytime
24:12 – Jesus, Are You There?
27:47 – Turn Around In Tokyo (lead vocals – Jonathan Cain)
31:41 – Love Is Just A Mystery

Wow, talk about a surprise at finding this cool album. This is from 1980 and is a rock group I never heard of before although I’ve heard of their lead singer who I thought was just a solo artist, John Waite. There are some really cool and fun rock tunes on this album. It’s certainly different from any rock sound I’ve listened to before but I can see this becoming one of my favorite albums to rock out to now and then.

Danger Danger – Danger Danger (1989 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Naughty Naughty
04:50 – Under The Gun
09:30 – Saturday Nite
13:47 – Don’t Walk Away
18:43 – Bang Bang
22:40 – Rock America
27:35 – Boys Will Be Boys
32:34 – One Step From Paradise
37:21 – Feels Like Love
42:13 – Turn It On
45:54 – Live It Up

Another new album discovery for me. I really enjoyed this old 80’s rock album. Man listen to the lead singer go!

Device – 22B3 (1986 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Hanging On A Heart Attack
05:08 – Who Says
09:59 – Pieces On The Ground
15:55 – Tough And Tender
20:50 – When Love Is Good
25:36 – Didn’t I Read You Right
30:11 – Fall Apart, Golden Heart
34:39 – I’ve Got No Room For Your Love
39:39 – Who’s On The Line
45:37 – Sand, Stone, Cobwebs And Dust

Another new music discovery for me today. I don’t think I ever heard of this group but this album had a few songs on it I liked, but I liked the whole album for the 80’s sounds. You all should know before this blog gets too far underway that I like I lot of 80’s music since it is what I grew up on, so expect to see a lot of it blogged here 🙂

Stabilizers – Tyranny (1986 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Tyranny
04:30 – (If I) Found Rome
09:11 – I Don’t Need The Pain
13:16 – Now I Hear You
17:22 – One Simple Thing
21:33 – Underground
26:20 – Does Your Love Lie Open?
30:53 – A Place To Hide
34:36 – You Pull Me Down

Wikipedia Resources:

The Stabilizers

Tyranny – Stabilizers Album

I miss the sounds of the 80’s and I had never heard this album until today. I was 16 years old when this album was released. Listening to this brought back memories of sounds I love to hear. There are a lot of good songs on this album. I didn’t even skip a track. I considered buying this one, but it costs way too much on Amazon now. I hate when distributors sell out of print records for outrageous prices… and then record companies wonder why people turn to bittorent.

I didn’t really get much work done on a beanie I’m working on right now while I was listening to this album due to that I was spending my time putting this blog together 🙂