Dream Theater – Images & Words 1992 (Full Album)

Album tracklist:

01. Pull Me Under
02: Another Day
03: Take The Time
04: Surrounded
05: Metropolis – Part I [“The Miracle And The Sleeper”]
06: Under A Glass Moon
07: Wait For Sleep
08: Learning To Live

I’ve discovered a new band I never heard of and this is some pretty cool metal music.

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Mark Free – Long Way From Love (1993 – Full Album)

1.Someday You’ll Come Running – 0:03
2.Stranger Among Us – 4:21
3.Coming Back For More – 9:27
4.The Last Time – 14:05
5.Hard Heart to Break – 18:48
6.High Life – 23:07
7.State of Love – 27:56
8.Slow Down the Night – 31:51
9.Look Love in the Eyes – 36:27
10.Never Be a Next Time – 41:11
11.Long Way From Love – 45:34

I actually posted this one on my blog before I listened to the whole album. I never heard of this guy but fell in love with his voice 2 songs into the album. Dude, this guy can sing!!… and this is another one of those old out of print cd’s that is hard to find and expensive if you do find it. I’m glad I took a chance on clicking the link to this one on YouTube. Great songs, and great rock music from the early 90’s.