Imagine Dragons – Night Visions (Deluxe) Full Album

Album track list:

0:00 Radioactive
3:06 Tiptoe
6:20 It’s time
10:20 Demons
13:15 On Top Of The World
16:27 Amsterdam
20:28 Hear me
24:23 Every night
28:00 Bleeding out
31:43 Underdog
35:12 Nothing left to say
44:11 Working Man
48:06 Fallen
51:05 My Fault
54:02 Round and Round
57:20 The River
1:00:45 America
1:05:19 Selene

I didn’t think I had heard of Imagine Dragons before I started listening to this but heard a couple songs that I’ve listened to and liked on the radio. I enjoyed this album and am possibly thinking about buying it to add to my collection. I probably never would have run across this and considered buying it if it hadn’t been on YouTube… something for the record companies to think about. This album is an easy listen. I would classify it as something to listen to when you just feel like laying down and “tuning out” from the world. It was certainly a great album to relax to and get some knitting done on a new beanie I’m going to be adding to my etsy shop soon. By the way, the beanie I posted in my last update has already sold 🙂


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