The Babys – Union Jacks (1980 – Full Album)

00:00 – Back On My Feet Again
03:18 – True Love True Confession
07:25 – Midnight Rendezvous [film: Up The Academy 1980]
11:01 – Union Jack
16:43 – In Your Eyes
20:49 – Anytime
24:12 – Jesus, Are You There?
27:47 – Turn Around In Tokyo (lead vocals – Jonathan Cain)
31:41 – Love Is Just A Mystery

Wow, talk about a surprise at finding this cool album. This is from 1980 and is a rock group I never heard of before although I’ve heard of their lead singer who I thought was just a solo artist, John Waite. There are some really cool and fun rock tunes on this album. It’s certainly different from any rock sound I’ve listened to before but I can see this becoming one of my favorite albums to rock out to now and then.


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