Imagine Dragons – Night Visions (Deluxe) Full Album

Album track list:

0:00 Radioactive
3:06 Tiptoe
6:20 It’s time
10:20 Demons
13:15 On Top Of The World
16:27 Amsterdam
20:28 Hear me
24:23 Every night
28:00 Bleeding out
31:43 Underdog
35:12 Nothing left to say
44:11 Working Man
48:06 Fallen
51:05 My Fault
54:02 Round and Round
57:20 The River
1:00:45 America
1:05:19 Selene

I didn’t think I had heard of Imagine Dragons before I started listening to this but heard a couple songs that I’ve listened to and liked on the radio. I enjoyed this album and am possibly thinking about buying it to add to my collection. I probably never would have run across this and considered buying it if it hadn’t been on YouTube… something for the record companies to think about. This album is an easy listen. I would classify it as something to listen to when you just feel like laying down and “tuning out” from the world. It was certainly a great album to relax to and get some knitting done on a new beanie I’m going to be adding to my etsy shop soon. By the way, the beanie I posted in my last update has already sold 🙂


Men’s Tan And Black Jaeger Slouchy Beanie

Jaeger Slouchy Beanie

Here is the newest item I have created and listed for sale in my etsy shop. Click here to see the item details and more pictures.

This is my newest creation and I don’t expect that it will last long on sale, so if you like and want it, I’d recommend buying before it’s gone. I think you’ll love it 🙂

Madonna – The Virgin Tour (1985) Concert

I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this video on YouTube. This was my favorite “madonna era”. This woman has done soooo much in the music industry….. it’s incredible…. and she’s still going strong today. She is one of my most favorite music artists I follow or listen to.

Quick Etsy Shop Update: I’ve got something new I will be posting today. Look for it coming up in a post this afternoon 🙂

Just Bought A New Book – Under The Dome by: Stephen King

I’ve just purchased a kindle ebook version of Under The Dome by Stephen King. I have thought about tackling this book several times but always put it off due to it’s huge 1000+ page size… but since I could not stop thinking about the plot of this book, I couldn’t resist it any longer… especially after having just finished reading a somewhat mediocre space adventure. I am a fairly slow reader so it will probably take me a couple of months to read this book. I hope it’s good.

Under the Dome: A Novel By Stephen King

The Fourth Civilization


I’m starting a new (unintended) blog category (Books I’ve Read) with this post. I wanted to share my latest book read, and since I don’t have an official blog for this subject, I decided to share it here for now, and plans are to start a separate blog just for my book readings at some other time…. or maybe I’ll just turn this blog into a “books & music” blog… who knows….. when you have someone who is as indecisive as I am…., well you never know what to expect lol.

I read ebooks on Kindle and this is the latest book I’ve read that I just finished today. This book is called The Fourth Civilization and it’s a pretty decent space exploration / war between alien races type book. The story is pretty interesting and has a lot of originality I think and I enjoyed it, although the kindle formatting in it seemed a little off to me. You can read the review below that I wrote on Amazon about it…

MY KINDLE REVIEW – – – I had to give a low rating (2 stars) due to that this ebook has a nerve racking formatting issue in that the margins are not justified correctly. There is a wide margin on the left which makes it annoying to read. This formatting issue was seen on my Galaxy Note 2 android phone in the Kindle app, my Galaxy Tablet in the Kindle app, on my Kindle Keyboard, and on my new Kindle Paperwhite that I finished reading this book on that I just bought two days before this review… so this issue is not a device or app issue. It is a format issue with the ebook file itself. Still I pushed through the book to finish. The story was interesting, though I found myself lost along the way at times, but I think that’s more of my own personal issue of not paying attention maybe, so is not the authors fault. I enjoyed the book more toward the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys space stories but the format issue needs to be fixed so the book can be more enjoyable to read.

View/buy the book on Amazon here —-> The Fourth Civilization (Legacy)

Click here for a larger book cover image —-> book cover

The Babys – Union Jacks (1980 – Full Album)

00:00 – Back On My Feet Again
03:18 – True Love True Confession
07:25 – Midnight Rendezvous [film: Up The Academy 1980]
11:01 – Union Jack
16:43 – In Your Eyes
20:49 – Anytime
24:12 – Jesus, Are You There?
27:47 – Turn Around In Tokyo (lead vocals – Jonathan Cain)
31:41 – Love Is Just A Mystery

Wow, talk about a surprise at finding this cool album. This is from 1980 and is a rock group I never heard of before although I’ve heard of their lead singer who I thought was just a solo artist, John Waite. There are some really cool and fun rock tunes on this album. It’s certainly different from any rock sound I’ve listened to before but I can see this becoming one of my favorite albums to rock out to now and then.

Depeche Mode – The Best Of Volume 1 – 2006

01. [0:00:00] Personal Jesus (1989)
02. [0:03:47] Just Can’t Get Enough (1981)
03. [0:07:31] Everything Counts (1983)
04. [0:11:32] Enjoy the Silence (1990)
05. [0:15:50] Shake the Disease (1985)
06. [0:20:41] See You (1982)
07. [0:24:39] It’s No Good (1997)
08. [0:30:38] Strangelove (1987)
09. [0:34:24] Suffer Well (2005)
10. [0:38:17] Dream on (2001)
11. [0:42:09] People Are People (1984)
12. [0:45:47] Martyr (2006)
13. [0:49:13] Walking in My Shoes (1993)
14. [0:54:13] I Feel You (1993)
15. [0:58:49] Precious (2005)
16. [1:02:58] Master and Servant (1984)
17. [1:06:58] New Life (1981)
18. [1:10:44] Never Let Me Down Again (1987)

If anyone were to ask me out of all the differen’t types of music I like listening to what my favorite artist/group is. I would say Depeche Mode. I fell in love with them in 1984 and loved them ever since.

Mark Free – Long Way From Love (1993 – Full Album)

1.Someday You’ll Come Running – 0:03
2.Stranger Among Us – 4:21
3.Coming Back For More – 9:27
4.The Last Time – 14:05
5.Hard Heart to Break – 18:48
6.High Life – 23:07
7.State of Love – 27:56
8.Slow Down the Night – 31:51
9.Look Love in the Eyes – 36:27
10.Never Be a Next Time – 41:11
11.Long Way From Love – 45:34

I actually posted this one on my blog before I listened to the whole album. I never heard of this guy but fell in love with his voice 2 songs into the album. Dude, this guy can sing!!… and this is another one of those old out of print cd’s that is hard to find and expensive if you do find it. I’m glad I took a chance on clicking the link to this one on YouTube. Great songs, and great rock music from the early 90’s.

Danger Danger – Danger Danger (1989 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Naughty Naughty
04:50 – Under The Gun
09:30 – Saturday Nite
13:47 – Don’t Walk Away
18:43 – Bang Bang
22:40 – Rock America
27:35 – Boys Will Be Boys
32:34 – One Step From Paradise
37:21 – Feels Like Love
42:13 – Turn It On
45:54 – Live It Up

Another new album discovery for me. I really enjoyed this old 80’s rock album. Man listen to the lead singer go!

Device – 22B3 (1986 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Hanging On A Heart Attack
05:08 – Who Says
09:59 – Pieces On The Ground
15:55 – Tough And Tender
20:50 – When Love Is Good
25:36 – Didn’t I Read You Right
30:11 – Fall Apart, Golden Heart
34:39 – I’ve Got No Room For Your Love
39:39 – Who’s On The Line
45:37 – Sand, Stone, Cobwebs And Dust

Another new music discovery for me today. I don’t think I ever heard of this group but this album had a few songs on it I liked, but I liked the whole album for the 80’s sounds. You all should know before this blog gets too far underway that I like I lot of 80’s music since it is what I grew up on, so expect to see a lot of it blogged here 🙂

Men’s Olive Green Lumberjack Beanie

Olive Green Lumberjack Beanie

This is my latest completed new item. It is my Lumberjack Beanie in dark olive green. It is a loom knit men’s adult size beanie with a double thick brim and slightly slouchy style made with 100% soft acrylic easy care yarn. It is available at sale price of only $15.00 + shipping (normally $24.00). I only have one in stock currently. I’ll be adding more colors as time permits. Click here to get this item in my etsy shop now before someone else does.

Stabilizers – Tyranny (1986 – Full Album)

Album Song List:

00:00 – Tyranny
04:30 – (If I) Found Rome
09:11 – I Don’t Need The Pain
13:16 – Now I Hear You
17:22 – One Simple Thing
21:33 – Underground
26:20 – Does Your Love Lie Open?
30:53 – A Place To Hide
34:36 – You Pull Me Down

Wikipedia Resources:

The Stabilizers

Tyranny – Stabilizers Album

I miss the sounds of the 80’s and I had never heard this album until today. I was 16 years old when this album was released. Listening to this brought back memories of sounds I love to hear. There are a lot of good songs on this album. I didn’t even skip a track. I considered buying this one, but it costs way too much on Amazon now. I hate when distributors sell out of print records for outrageous prices… and then record companies wonder why people turn to bittorent.

I didn’t really get much work done on a beanie I’m working on right now while I was listening to this album due to that I was spending my time putting this blog together 🙂

Hello World!!

Hello world!! My name is David from the online hat shop called The Hat Pit, a place where I sell my hand knit and crocheted beanies. I decided to start a new blog today focused on sharing music I discover and listen to on YouTube when I am making my beanies. I recently discovered that there are hundreds of full music albums uploaded on YouTube that you can listen to for free…. and many of them are out of print selections you can’t buy any more, or are very hard to find. I’ve discovered this is a great and fun way to discover new music while having something to listen to while I’m creating new beanies for my hat shop, and blogging about it helps me keep track of music I like and want to buy for my own personal music collection and also serves as a place for me to help get the word out about my work so that I can sell those hats.

So this blog will focus on two things mainly. (1.) Music you can listen to via YouTube. (2.) Updates on new beanies I’m selling at The Hat Pit or in my Etsy Beanie Shop.

I’m also working on a photo book I plan to sell at some time in the future so I’ll be adding some content later on linking this blog to another blog I maintain related to that… and I may also create some periodic posts with links to random stuff I find on the internet that may be interesting for you.

So thank you for visiting my first post on this blog. I hope you will subscribe/follow, leave comments, share posts, etc. 🙂